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Ontario recently passed legislation that will ensure people working in construction, building, cleaning or security jobs under contracts with the government will be paid the fair, prevailing wage in those sectors. To learn more about the new wages act, click here.

There have been two recent budgets passed both Federally and Provincially that will impact your business’ tax plans. Learn about these budgets here.

The Ontario Government is making changes this year regarding first-time homebuyers, minimum wage and personal leave days for employees. To learn more about these changes, click here.

Post 1: The Department of Finance released a consultation paper on July 18th, 2017 proposing changes to how private corporations are used to gain certain tax advantages. As a result, small business owners, incorporated professionals and others, will likely face a higher tax bill in the years ahead. Learn more here

Post 2: October announcements by Finance Minister Bill Morneau regarding the proposed tax legislation. Learn more here.