We work with a range of business sizes, provide comprehensive evaluations of your records and current business, and go beyond the numbers to find out what’s at the heart of what you do. 

Graphic icon of the first step of our process: initial meeting

We set-up an initial meeting to get to know one another: your aspirations, goals, and personality. Getting to know you helps us do a better job.

Icon graphic  of the second stage in our process: advise & provide insights

From our first meeting, we begin to advise and provide objective insights into your business, to determine potential opportunities for growth of the business (or sale/succession if that is the goal) and tax savings.

Icon graphic of the third stage of our process: assess our services to meet your needs

We discuss our services in detail, understanding you and your business so that we can decide what we can provide, completely tailored to your business needs.

icon graphic of the fourth stage of our process: establish working process, timelines and communication methods

We establish mutually beneficial processes, including timelines, our commitments, your communication preferences, and all the little things that make for a strong working relationship.

Icon graphic of final stage of our process: create a schedule of meetings and check ins.png

We schedule meetings and visits with you throughout the year, checking in to see how you and your business is developing and building a long-term relationship. This includes year-end meetings for financial statements to discuss results and strategies, regular meetings to help you strategize and keep things organized.